Issued by the Catholic Center for Studies and Media - Jordan. Editor-in-chief Fr. Rif'at Bader - موقع أبونا

Published on Thursday, 25 March 2021

The public sound taste

By Fr. Dr. Rif'at Bader :

Among the virulent qualities of Corona is that it is a virus that impacts two senses in humans, namely smell and taste. The smell is the sense conducted through the nose. There is, of course, sensitivity to some smells which cause a health imbalance in humans. There is a metaphorical meaning to smell, implying intelligent discernment and analysis that something has happened or may happen soon.


As for taste, it is the subject of my discussion. It is in the usual significance of a sense that distinguishes the taste of the different foods or drinks. Some substances contribute to giving a special flavor and taste to certain foods, so they become more succulent, which one enjoys eating in the company of loved ones, family and friends. Among these substances is salt, which is the most common factor that gives a special taste, in addition to other spices which are used in several cooked foods. Our media channels are replete with programs dedicated to preparing food and making it suitable for human taste and for various occasions.


Corona impacts the senses of smell and taste. Humans become unable to smell and lose the appetite for served food, as all types of foods become similar to one another no matter how appetizing they look. They have similar tastes as if they became soil. Among the signs of being infected with the virus is the loss of the sense of taste, and among the signs of recovery is the gradual return of the sense of taste.


Proceeding from the impacts of corona to the Corona era, we find a dissipation of public refined attitudes or what is referred to a sublime taste of life. This is concerned with the faculty of good behavior that goes hand-in-hand with dignity, prestige, and respect towards oneself and towards others. As for respect for oneself, it applies to a refined taste implying concern for the public view and the ability to choose the appropriate attires. As for the respect for others, it is what is known nowadays in terms of etiquette as well as behaving with respect in various circumstances. The etiquette has become an established source of knowledge where several specialists inundate us on daily bases with relevant advice on television stations and media networking sites. Our praise to anyone has become as assertion of having a "refined taste for life" and our criticism refers to being bereft of that. The terms refined taste, sound taste and public taste refer to the good behavior of human towards their fellow brethren.


The corona era has a special etiquette, protocols, and a compulsory public attitude, which is represented by full obedience to safety rules, because breaching them does not lead to social embarrassment but rather to intentional killing of people. The general etiquette at this time implies abstaining from leaving homes except for urgencies, wearing face masks all the time, washing and sterilizing hands, refraining from taking part in social activities, maintaining a lockdown if one is infected  or having been in company with others, undergoing a medical test in case of any doubts about  being infected, in addition to maintaining social distances in public places, places of worship and others. So let the refined moral attitudes be our noble stance in this difficult time, until this depression dissipates, God willing, so that life restores its nice fragrance that we smell with joy and its sweetly salted taste. Then, as friends write on their web pages, "Life will restore life."