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"May God pave the way for "" to come to you"

It is necessary to identify "", the site, mission, goals and vision in a few words, so we go by the norm of the websites and say:

"" came to life in the heart of the Jordanian desert  and reached the ends of the Earth by the grace of the Lord and became an intellectual, dialogue, spiritual and humane oasis.

Several events are plaguing the world today. What is important is how we view them. "" offers a modest contribution to help the vigilant reader how to read in a dignified way.

The religion is wide-ranging. It cannot be limited to a collection of dogmas or ideological visions. It is a simultaneous divine illumination on both fertile and arid land, to transform its people from the state of wretchedness to become humane and moderate. In other words, to transform the wretched people into brothers...having faith in "global brotherhood".  (Charles de Foucauld)

Hence attention is not in a religion at the expense of the other  but rather in dialogue among religions, particularly among Christians and Muslims of the world of today. This dialogue has become a vital necessity rather than a luxury in dark nooks of luxury hotels. But the dialogue as it appears in these pages is not a search for coexistence and neighbourhood that may change with the change neighbors and apartments, but rather standing " together before God," and this requires a different kind of courage, namely overture and acceptance of others... always for man.

Through dialogue, the presence of Christian Arabs becomes salient. It is not merely a demographic presence, but rather a call and a message on the land of the incarnation and redemption. As for the human rights, which "" forcefully defends, it is wide-ranging with the viewpoints in their defence are complex... for a writer could defend them by freeing them from all restrictions and caveats. As for " ", its obsession is freedom which ought to be in line with the dignity of man who is in God's image. A variety of cultural topics may be found on the pages of this site. This is aimed at supporting the writers who believe in purity, beauty and art, as "beauty is the factor that saves the world". (Dostoevsky) philosophy  is based on man, neither on his human nature nor on his points of weakness, but on the power and energy acquired through  faith in his Creator and openness to the  lofty values of religion which influence every human being.

After the events of September and after a lecture to the Pope in a German university, information centres in the West issued documents and news on the Catholic world in Arabic in order to cement  more constructive cooperation among religions. "" wanted  to enter into this arena, and be an Arab voice that emerges from an Arab land. This site does not get satisfied with exposing "a document" – any document... But it wants to present it  in its cultural environment and presents it to the Arab reader on a neutral dish .

" " in Arabic is glory to God and to human dignity ...

The essence of proper and healthy media is to be "dedicated to humanity…"

Editor- in- Chief: Father Rif'at  Bader
Priest of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, masters' of arts in international relations in addition to bachelor's degrees in philosophy and theology. He has several articles published in several Arab newspapers and Jordanian daily "Al Ra'i"  in particular