Issued by the Catholic Center for Studies and Media - Jordan. Editor-in-chief Fr. Rif'at Bader - موقع أبونا

Published on Sunday, 25 April 2021
CCSM marks its 9th anniversary with determination to continue its bright image

By Munir Bayouk/ :

On April 24, 2021 the Catholic Center for Studies and Media (MECC) in Jordan marked its 9th anniversary. Furthermore, it marked another remarkable achievement, namely the launching of a study on "The Role of Media in Enhancing Faith in the Corona Era".


The past nine years were not a waste of time but they rather constituted a bright light that illuminated all parts of the world. Many thanks and appreciation to the Latin Patriarchate which in 2012 considered establishing the CCSM to serve as a supportive of the spiritual, cultural, human and international mission of the local and universal Churches. Consequently, the CCSM and its website offshoots namely and are a reliable source of authentic and reliable information of ecclesiastical news and relevant religious news covering the Vatican, the Holy land, the Arab world, and the world at large with articles by renowned Christian journalists and videos covering major religious activities worldwide. With the launch of these websites in addition to its facebook sites in both English and Arabic languages, the intention was directed towards inviting the highest number of people to view these sites on regular bases. The latest relevant studies indicate that hundreds of thousands of people view these sites on daily bases, which has been a source of encouragement.


With the emergence of Corona pandemic and the imposed lockdowns which were designed to curtail the spread of the disease, the CCSM embarked on a fruitful plan to live-stream Rosary prayers and Holy Masses celebrated in various parts of the Holy Land. The duty undertaken by the CCSM was intended to transmit the good news of the Holy Bible to the homes of people particularly during days in which lockdowns were observed. The CCSM raised the slogan which became familiar to people, namely “My Home is My Church”. Tens of thousands of people became regular followers on daily bases of the daily transmitted Holy Masses with focus on the Sunday Masses, the Holy Rosary, and the catechisms presented by bishops and pastoral officials. This measure was very successful as it made up for the temporary closure of Churches and the inability of people to attend Holy Masses. So, people prayed at homes and turned their homes into small churches.


Furthermore, at a time when the CCSM invites people to check its websites, it also made enormous effort designed to visit Christian families in their homes and discuss with them their life affairs and issues relevant to religious affairs.


So in early 2021, the CCSM arranged to streamline 24 episodes reflecting on families of a program marking the 5th anniversary of the apostolic exhortation titled “Amoris Laetitia” (the Joy of Love) Program which will run over the whole year. The program is designed to visit Christian families in Jordan to know how it is possible to let them experience joy, and how it is possible to experience social events from a spiritual aspect.


As the CCSM is pleased to mark its 9th anniversary in concomitant with the issuance of a study on "The Role of Media in Enhancing Faith in the Corona Era", it conveys tribute and appreciation to the Council of Consultation that was launched two years ago as it plays  a supportive and directive role of the strategic plan the CCSM  plans to launch in a few months prior to marking its 10th anniversary.


We would like to thank the numerous institutions whose partnership with the CCSM was invaluable. We mention in  particular Caritas Jordan, Porticus Vienna, KAICIID,  the German Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Amman, the American University of Madaba, the friendly universities that cooperate with us in our seminars, the media, the various institutions and individuals with whom we participate closely to promote the values of the media in  spreading the culture of encounter.


We also pay tribute to the Holy See Press Office, the Latin Patriarchate, the Latin Vicariate, and the Financial Department. We also thank Professor Munir Karadsheh, who graciously prepared the study with us, and the Nama Center for Research and Studies--managed by His Excellency Dr. Faris Breizat, Professor Jiryes Ziyadat, and the other center employees-- who helped compile data.


With the study on "The Role of Media in Enhancing Faith in the Corona Era" available, we wish our readers well and promise to further proceed in our march designed to spread the message of love, and common living.