Issued by the Catholic Center for Studies and Media - Jordan. Editor-in-chief Fr. Rif'at Bader - موقع أبونا

Published on Tuesday, 16 November 2021
King inaugurates 19th Parliament’s first ordinary session :

His Majesty King Abdullah on Monday, November 16, inaugurated the first ordinary session of the 19th Parliament and delivered the Speech from the Throne.


In the speech, King Abdullah said: “With God’s blessings and guidance, Jordan will remain a shining example of progress, sacrifice, achievement, and overcoming challenges, no matter how great, for this is a free nation that stands proud with its sons and daughters."


His Majesty addressed senators and representatives saying they bear the responsibility of debating and endorsing the election and political parties laws, and the proposed constitutional amendments submitted by the government.


“Experiences around us have proven that transitioning within clear programs is the safe path of pursuing the desired modernization, preserving achievements, and safeguarding stability. We are determined to proceed in that direction, responsibly and without hesitation or delay, to reinforce the state’s sources of strength in our society and institutions, "the King stressed.



The King stressed the need to maintain cooperation among all branches of power—in accordance with the flexible separation of powers set by the Constitution—to move forward on the paths of modernization and development.


On the Palestinian cause, he said: "Jordan has been dedicated to the Palestinian cause like no other—this is our duty. Jordan will continue to stand with its Palestinian brethren until they gain their full rights, and establish their independent state on their national soil. He added, "The Hashemite Custodianship is a responsibility I am honored to carry, to safeguard Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem. This is a commitment to our Hashemite principles and legacy, and is an embodiment of our free will and national resolve, in which we will tolerate no interference or compromise."


Touching on the  economic development and administrative reform,  he said, "The aim is to achieve recovery from the implications of the COVID-19 crisis, and to build a firm basis for efficient partnership between the public and the private sectors, in order to establish investments that provide job opportunities, stimulate growth, and tap into promising sectors and qualified human resources."


Referring to security and stability, he said that "security and stability are the pillars of Jordan’s strength. Our country is protected by the fearless Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and professional security agencies. On behalf of all Jordanians, we thank all army and security personnel, active and retired, and extend to them our deep appreciation and respect. The Arab Army has remained loyal to its name, embodying the bravest acts of heroism to defend Palestine. The blood of its martyrs has mixed with the land and walls of Jerusalem, which has been in the hearts and conscience of the Hashemites for hundreds of years."